A mediation process is a negotiation framework in which a mediator, as a neutral third party, acts to assist the parties in reaching an agreement as to the matters in dispute between them.
The Law Offices of Nava Peres is committed to professional, ,fair and effective mediation processes, based on years of practical experience with many different and varied mediations.

Principles of Mediation

  1. Mediation is a voluntary process, conducted by means of meetings between the parties and a qualified mediator, who is neutral.Each of the parties may discontinue the mediation process at any stage.However, so long as the mediation process is in place, the parties must cooperate with the mediator and act fairly and in good faith in respect of the mediation.
  2. The mediator may also meet each of the parties separately at his discretion.The mediator must maintain in confidence the information disclosed to him at such a separate meeting, if so requested.Each of the parties may seek legal and other advice, on any matter discussed at the mediation, at any stage of the mediation.
  3. It should be clarified that the mediator is not a deciding factor in disputes between the parties. Rather, he is supposed to assist the parties in consolidating an agreed-upon solution for the resolution of the disputes between them with the additional assistance of professionals and specific experts with respect to the issues in dispute.
  4. The mediator is committed to secrecy with respect to all facts disclosed to him in the course of the mediation.Furthermore, the parties do not normally summon the mediator to give testimony or present documents in respect of the matters that came up in the mediation, directly or indirectly, and the parties undertake not to disclose to the court matters stated in the course of the mediation, with a view to allowing the parties’ willingness to take active part in the process and to protect the unique nature of the process.
  5. For further information concerning mediation, see the Courts Regulations (Mediation), 1993.