The Nava Peres Law firm was founded three decades ago and is a boutique firm specializing in family law and inheritance. Over the years our firm has handled hundreds of complex cases in the field of family and inheritance law, with great success .It has appeared in front of all  the applicable courts, including; the Supreme Court and the Court The Chief Rabbinate. This has placed our office at the top of its field in Israel.

We have accumulated an extensive range of professional knowledge over the years, which ensures that our clients receive excellent, efficient, in-depth and meticulous legal support.

Our firm accompanies clients through the entire process. It begins with the initial dilemmas regarding the divorce, such as; choosing the right legal process and thereafter submitting claims (including issuing temporary and urgent injunctions) and calling for negotiations or mediation.  We do everything necessary for our clients until the process is successfully completed.

Our firm has not only developed an expertise in dealing with the various property issues that accompany divorce proceedings but also with handling custody struggles. In addition, our firm is highly skilled in negotiating and drafting prenuptial agreements, as well as divorce agreements with legal and economic certainty.

Independent bodies have recognized the quality legal services provided by our firm. These include the DUNS 100 ranking guide and the BDI guide.  They rank our firm every year as a prominent firm in the field of Family Law. The personal and dedicated professional care provided by the firm’s staff, headed by attorney Nava Peres, is also acknowledged.

Additionally, our firm deals with various family disputes, ranging from issues of guardianship, inheritance and other family disagreements.

Adv. Nava Peres is a certified mediator with many years of experience. Our firm conducts mediation proceedings using creative solutions, and our desire to achieve a proper and beneficial compromise for our clients.

Lawyers in various fields hold our legal work in high regard. This is a result of our constant strive for excellence, universal thinking and use of critical and dynamic judgment.