Have a paternity and a child support claims been filed against you?

Below are a number of general action guidelines in the event that a paternity claim and a child support claim are filed against you:

* First, contact an attorney specializing in family law for a consultation and for extensive and thorough advice regarding your case, as this is no simple matter, and may have life altering results.

* You should be aware of the fact that a tissue analysis can only be performed in accordance with a court order.Being an invasive procedure it cannot be coerced.

* Although you cannot be forced to perform a tissue analysis, a refusal to do so can have an adverse effect. Should it be proven that there was a romantic relationship between you and the mother and if the aggregate circumstances indicate that you may be the minor’s father, your refusal may work against you and the court will not hesitate to declare your paternity even without a tissue analysis. (In the opposite event, where a man claims paternity and the woman objects to the performance of a tissue analysis without reasonable grounds, the court can declare the man so claiming, to be the minor’s father).

* The court will always treat the minor’s best interests as a supreme consideration. In most cases, the minor’s best interests is to know his father and for his father to acknowledge him and support him.

* A decision acknowledging your paternity in respect of the minor would also result in your being compelled to pay child support. It should be emphasized that a father’s duty to provide for his minor children is absolute, the dispute being not in respect of the very duty to pay but as to the amount thereof. (See also the section dealing with child support).