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Family and Inheritance Law


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Since its establishment, in 1992, The Law Offices of Nava Peres has been engaged in the field of family and inheritance law in Israel, placing emphasis on professional, personal and wholehearted service to each and every one of our clients.Our firm is committed to providing legal representation of the highest standard, and to providing legal advice while protecting the privacy, confidentiality and sensitivity of your family affairs.We offer a human approach, 

Legal Information

Legal Information

To divorce or not to divorce? That is the question !

Undoubtedly, this is an important and even a critical personal question. We are not pretending to answer it – but below we list some of the considerations affecting the making of a decision in this context:

When do I contact a lawyer?

This is a legitimate question. It is easy to understand the fear of making such a move, turning the thoughts, conflicts and difficulties, into a concrete action.

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